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Getrocknete Fliegenpilz-Hüte


  • In the current climate, sustainability is more than an option - it is an urgent necessity to ensure the long-term viability of our precious planet, and as a company we understand the urgency of taking action and bringing about positive change. Together, we want to help shape the world of tomorrow and stand up for nature. In our shared journey towards a sustainable future, we are determined to take our responsibility and bring about change as a community. Because only together do we have the strength to achieve great things.

  • Our relationship with our partner is key - because only together can we achieve great things.

    We work closely with a Lithuanian-based team of dedicated mushroom specialists, biotech experts and laboratories to ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing of our Amanita Muscarias and to keep up to date with the latest research on the subject. We know who collects our mushrooms and exactly which forests they come from. Our local mushroom pickers are very respectful of nature and know how to harvest the fly agarics so that the ecosystem remains intact and many more mushrooms can thrive. 


    Unfortunately, it is a lucrative business for more and more illegal mushroom pickers to collect hundreds of kilos of mushrooms from Eastern European forests every day. As a result, ecosystems are sometimes massively destroyed, causing many animals and plants to lose their habitat. Economic interests often win out over nature conservation. We want to do things differently and change the status quo. We want to give something back to nature through our efforts, because nature gives us so many gifts! Our next major project is already planned: we want to go directly to Lithuania and enable even more transparency by taking you with us while we exchange ideas with our partners and go into the forests together.

  • Packaging is also an important aspect of our efforts. We want to produce as little packaging waste as possible and are looking for the most sustainable solutions for this. During this search, however, we realized that we do not yet know the perfect packaging for us - but we are working on it. Due to the storage requirements of toadstools, which need to be protected from light and moisture, we were unable to opt for certified organic paper packaging. Even the so-called "compostable" packaging does not deliver what it promises: in Germany, a large proportion of it is incinerated as there are no appropriate recycling measures in place. Compostable packaging therefore has more to do with greenwashing than environmental protection. In the first step, we opted for a mono plastic that can be fully recycled. You can simply throw the empty packaging of our products into a yellow bag. We are continuing to work on how we can send you an all-round sustainable product. How about reusable packaging in the future, for example?

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  • With GoGreen from Deutsche Post, we have found a way to live our value of sustainability here too.

    The CO2 emissions generated during transport are offset by investments in internationally recognized climate protection projects. 

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